The company MAS-Service is a professional company with valuable experience in solving problems in the field of oil and gas production.

Over the past 20 years in Russia, in the sphere of natural resource extraction, new approaches to servicing the oil and gas industry have emerged.

Thanks to the world experience, our country has gained new horizons for studying modern industry not only in the oil sector, but also in many other areas. Scientific progress does not tolerate the stagnation of the economy, the conservatism of science and the monopolization of the industrial base. Any professional sphere of human activity, including oilfield services, requires a scientific, competent and careful approach to business.

The main activities of the company "MAS-Service" - a complete set of laboratory equipment for testing drilling, cement slurries and other equipment intended for the extraction of oil and gas.

We offer solutions for completing laboratories that are designed to test and monitor quality, adding reagents to the solution.

Our goal is to create optimal conditions to improve the quality control of the test solution, as well as minimize costs by providing a wide range of laboratory equipment. Our mission is to improve laboratory service in the field of testing solutions in the field of oil and gas production at a higher level in Russia, the countries of the Customs and Eurasian Union. Read more


High-quality performance of all types of work
Warranty for all types of work
Individual approach
Work under a contract with a limited budget
Qualified and responsible staff
Special Offers


Many Russian companies representing the interests of a foreign manufacturer solve problems with a breakdown or failure of a device component by purchasing an absolutely new part and disposing of an old one.

Firstly, it takes a lot of time. In particular, the customer contacts the supplier with such a breakdown. The supplier fulfills its obligations by purchasing broken parts from the manufacturer, and the manufacturer purchases many parts that have a complex production process from a manufacturer that manufactures a pump, for example, embedded in an instrument, or a controller for an instrument control system, etc.

Secondly, it costs a lot of money, because the spare part is bought completely new. The old spare part becomes unnecessary for the customer, as a result, extra money is spent, which, for example, could go to the company's new projects.

The company "MAS-Service" offers a completely different approach to business. We do not change the spare part to a new one. We repair the old one ourselves and spend minimal money and time on it which is very expensive for the customer. Unfortunately, devices specializing in oil and gas production have a rather narrow focus and are not widely used. Due to this, there is a high monopoly on services in this area. Even in everyday life, we can meet quite a few examples of complex technological equipment and having a very high competitive price and service.

Drawing the conclusion one can confidently realize that the gap between the reality and the interest of companies is high enough and it requires its reduction in the direction of interest of the customer.


It's no secret that any supplier representing the interests of the plant will guarantee the operability of the equipment and take responsibility for its breakdown within the guaranteed period established by the manufacturer. As a rule, the guaranteed period is one year. After this period, a financial relationship begins between the supplier and the customer, which as usual leads to costs for spare parts and after-sales service from the customer in the cost of the same, new equipment.

The company "MAS-Service" proposes to avoid large margins on spare parts and to speed up the time of service without any accusations and financial loss for the customer. MAS-Service has its own base for the production of spare parts that do not differ in quality and service life of the manufacturer. The price at the expense of own base is several times less than original spare parts, and service maintenance is minimal due to repair of the failed spare part, rather than its recycling.


Each customer has its own particular approach to purchasing or servicing equipment for oil and gas production. The following is not a complete list of non-standard tasks, since the number of situations that occur is much more. An example of some situations that require an individual approach to solving a problem:

- Remote consultation to select the equipment for the tasks;
- Departure to the customer, presentation of the project in presentation form;
- Design and visualization of the room with laboratory furniture and equipment (3D model) in accordance with technical requirements;
- Selection of equipment in accordance with international, European and Russian standards and technical requirements of the customer;
- Consultation of a well cementing engineer for the selection of equipment for the purpose of solving assigned tasks, etc.


The MAS-Service company is considering the possibility of offering its services to an organization with a limited budget. Very often, the policy of many companies comes down to a partial prepayment of goods and services. In this case, the MAS-Service is ready to undertake a partial deferment of payment for the delivery of goods or services in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.


The company "MAS-Service" employs technologists and engineers who have extensive experience with both laboratory equipment and equipment in the field. Experience in international companies allows us to have a good idea of ​​the current trends in oil and gas production. A friendly and responsible team of managers will always quickly and competently provide information on the services and products of the company "MAC-Service".


Actual promotions and offers can always be clarified with the managers of the company. On the company's website, this section can be found on the company's main page and in the Catalog section.


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